Fitness Asset Manager – Making your business better, faster, and stronger without breaking your budget.

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Fitness Asset Manager is a web-based asset management system designed for health club and fitness markets. Now owners and operators of health clubs and fitness centers can easily track maintenance, location and purchase history of all of their equipment.

Works the Way
You Want To

Fitness Asset Manager automates your asset management program, putting the power in your hands to effectively streamline business practices, establish preventative maintenance programs, optimize work schedules, and improve replacement parts management. All of that equals a healthier bottom line.


Works Like Your
Business Does

With an easy-to-use, easy-to-access, Cloud-based system, Fitness Asset Manager works the way you do, offering real time visibility on all of your vital fitness business statistics from anywhere you have an Internet connection. Efficient, effective asset management drives your business higher.


Works to Make
You the Best

Quit guessing about your fitness assets and truly understand how your facility operates from equipment usage to repair and down time resolution. Understand trends and historic data by individual piece of equipment or manufacturer so that you can make the right decision each time.


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